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 Rules:Please Read Before Posting!

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Rules:Please Read Before Posting! Empty
PostSubject: Rules:Please Read Before Posting!   Rules:Please Read Before Posting! EmptyFri Nov 30, 2007 4:52 pm

Hello, I am your friendly admin, KAITI!WOOT! And so y'all aren't spamming this place up, here are the rules. Razz

~Please do not spam
*Punishment for spam- A warning, or if there is to much, a ban.

~No porn, keep your goodies to yourself.
*Punsihment for porn- A 14-21 day ban, and a nice long talking to.

~No flamming
*Punishment for regular flame- A warning.
*Punishment for extreme flame- A 7-14 day ban, and a nice long talking to.

~No flooding
*Punishment for flooding- A warning, and if the whole forum is flooded, a 7 day ban, then a PM explaining your ban and a talk.

~You may double post in the RPS
That is all for now, I will add more later. Razz
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Rules:Please Read Before Posting!
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